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Missouri Quality Care (formerly known as Clinton County Board of Services) is a non profit agency that serves individuals with Developmental Disabilities. We currently provide services in group homes, ISL’s, natural homes, and in the community in both Cameron, Kansas City, and across Northwest Missouri. We pride ourselves in our homes and providing excellent service. We are monitored and follow guidelines with the Missouri Department of Mental Health. We are a growing agency with excellent staff that are detail oriented, thoroughly trained and team inspired.


Administrative Office

311 W Grand Ave

Cameron, MO 64429

Phone:  816-632-3773

Fax:  816-632-3353

Training Facility/Maintenance

307 McElwain

Cameron, MO 64429

Phone:  816-933-2137

Fax:  816-933-2139

Kansas City Administrative Office

7001 N Locust St Suite C101

Gladstone, MO 64118

Phone:  816-702-8855

Fax:  816-702-8856


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